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True love is when your pet comes to your room on its own.



if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports


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“If this was us meeting for the first time, I’d do it all again. Everything. The fucks, the fuck ups, everything. I’d do it all again.”
Skins uk (2007-2013)
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I’m reblogging this again because I want to add that images like this are literally 100% the only reason I feel better about my body. Because when I’m having a shitty body image day, I look in the mirror and I remember that there are people who think bodies like mine are beautiful and lovely and sexy and I give myself permission to love myself even though my body is rarely reflected in mainstream media.
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Stu + Kaite 

Brisbane - Australia

~   this is all that i want. this is all that i need // r.i.d (via inkskinned)
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~   Lang Leav (Signposts, Lullabies)

Shia Labeouf for Interview Magazine

The Avett Brothers
I Would Be Sad

Aguaplano aka Paolo Domeniconi Stillness, 2008
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